Shape Round
Cut Style Cabochon
Symmetry Exceptional
Polish Exceptional
Hardness 9
Min. size1.40
Max. size3.50

Unparalleled high precision finishing and dimensional consistency for every stone which is perfectly cut and polished using state-of-the-art digitally controlled high precision machining tools, to ensure the highest standards of uniformity in size, shape and symmetry.

All gemstones polished, sorted and packaged entirely under one roof and our proprietary system of three-tier calibration guarantees gemstone delivery to the exact color, clarity, size and shape specifications, in uniformed see-through secure packaging, regardless of the ordered quantity.

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Lot No Variety Shape Cut Size Avg.Wt Color Color ID Unit Pack Availability
RBB200300EC Ruby Round Cabochon 3.00 0.1430   RB200 PCE 1 In stock
RBB100300EC Ruby Round Cabochon 3.00 0.1430   RB100 PCE 1 In stock
RBB300340EC Ruby Round Cabochon 3.40 0.1850   RB300 PCE 1 In stock
RBB100350EC Ruby Round Cabochon 3.50 0.2010   RB100 PCE 1 In stock
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