Precision machine-cut calibrated natural sapphire gemstones

Identification Natural
Species Corundum
Variety Sapphire
Hardness 9
Density 4
RI-1 1.762
RI-2 1.778

Sapphire is the gem variety of the mineral corundum. It is an extremely hard and durable gemstone, second only to Diamonds on the Moh's hardness scale. Sapphires are available in virtually all colors but red, red sapphires are known as rubies. Blue sapphire is the most well known hue.

All natural sapphire gemstones are crafted to the most precise specifications and uniformed in terms of brilliance, color, clarity, dimensions and shape. To offer maximum consistency and quality, all rough sapphires are sourced from our own mines or from the most reliable suppliers in the industry.

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Lot No Variety Shape Cut Size Avg.Wt Color Color ID Unit Pack Availability
YR400150EC Sapphire Round Brilliant 1.50 0.0170   YR400 PCE 1 In stock
YR400120EC Sapphire Round Brilliant 1.20 0.0087   YR400 PCE 1 In stock
YR400130EC Sapphire Round Brilliant 1.30 0.0111   YR400 PCE 1 In stock
YR400110EC Sapphire Round Brilliant 1.10 0.0070   YR400 PCE 1 In stock
YR400140EC Sapphire Round Brilliant 1.40 0.0138   YR400 PCE 1 In stock
YR400135EC Sapphire Round Brilliant 1.35 0.0120   YR400 PCE 1 In stock
YR400240EC Sapphire Round Brilliant 2.40 0.0710   YR400 PCE 1 In stock
YR400160EC Sapphire Round Brilliant 1.60 0.0206   YR400 PCE 1 In stock
YR400250EC Sapphire Round Brilliant 2.50 0.0830   YR400 PCE 1 In stock
YR400230EC Sapphire Round Brilliant 2.30 0.0630   YR400 PCE 1 In stock
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